From Rhode Island To Ohio: Sarah Helen Whitman And Sarah “Sallie” Elizabeth Robins

Here’s the first of which I hope will be many installments on my YouTube channel featuring items from my personal collection. I’m hoping this additional platform will help gain more attention and peak further interest, not to mention they’re fun to do!

This video brings you my latest acquisition, a first edition of Helen’s “Hours Of Life and Other Poems” that belonged to her before being gifted to an aspiring Poe biographer and admirer, Sallie Robins.

I’d like to thank my good friend and Ohio Poe correspondent, Mel Grosvenor, for introducing me to Sallie before I even found this edition. She has been researching her for quite some time, and connecting dots to her, Helen, and Poe. I’m grateful for her help in making this video!

You can find a link to her “Ohio Poe Fans” Facebook page here:

And a link to my YouTube channel here:

Without further ado, here is the video:

A special thank you to Marissa Heroux for her unparalleled help in filming and editing this video together.

Mel’s segment was filmed and edited by her team.

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