Portraits & Daguerreotypes

Edgar Allan Poe sat in a daguerreotype studio for a known total of six different occasions during his lifetime. Two of those sittings took place right here in Providence, Rhode Island at the studio of Samuel Masury and S. W. Hartshorn, in November of 1848. One of those sittings captured what is undoubtedly the most infamous image of the poet today, the other captured Poe in what he deemed his very best likeness. Both those daguerreotypes are in this menu with further details. Note that only those two images of Poe are noted here due to their association with him in Providence. (See Michael Deas’ 1989 publication: The Portraits and Daguerreotypes of Edgar Allan Poe for an extensive coverage of all Poe’s known photographs).

Sarah Helen Whitman had a few interesting photos taken herself and was rendered in two different oil paintings, all of which are documented here in this menu.