Maude Dailey Chace

Located in Swan Point Cemetery, Maude Dailey Chace rests with her husband Henry and their children, Maude and Louise Chace.

Maude Dailey and her sister Charlotte Dailey (who’s interred at the North Burial Ground with the rest of the Dailey Family) took care of Sarah Helen Whitman during her final months of life in their home on Bowen Street. It was their mother, Mrs. Charlotte Dailey, who was friends with Sarah Helen Whitman. Maude’s daughter Louise (having never even met Whitman) continued her legacy by compiling scrapbooks and other materials from her mother Maude, that are now in the collection of Brown University at the John Hay Library.

The Dailey’s were an essential part of Whitman’s final chapter, her last comfort, and her legacy. Whitman showed her gratitude to the Dailey daughters by leaving each girl $2,500 in her will. The Dailey’s became the executors of Whitman’s estate after her death, and are responsible for getting many of her materials in the right hands for posterity.