Happy Birthday, Poe and Helen!

I’m regrettably four days late with this post, but better late than never! On January 19, 2020, we celebrated the 211th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe as well as the 217th anniversary of the birth of Sarah Helen Whitman! That’s right, the two shared the same birthday, Helen having been born six years earlier than Poe.

I can’t think of a better occasion to share the news that The Providence Athenaeum and I collaborated after the Ravenous Exhibit to bring Poe permanently to the Athenaeum. This iconic bust of Poe is a copy of a copy of the original that remains in my private collection. He will be displayed above the main entrance of the Athenaeum directly facing a bust of Pallas (how perfectly POEtic) in the center of the library’s pantheon of busts. It’s been an absolute honor to help bring attention to Poe here in Providence and to allow his legacy to live on within the walls of this incredible institution. The same walls surrounded the living Poe while he was here in 1848 courting Sarah Helen Whitman. I can only hope that this endeavor will make future generations who enter the Athenaeum leave with a curiosity about the man portrayed in the melancholy bust above the entryway.

10 (2)

Here’s a link to The Providence Athenaeum’s Digital Art Collection with more extensive details on the bust: http://digital.provath.org/items/show/49?mc_cid=4ba337a329&mc_eid=131ec30ef6

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