Join Us For The First Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony For Sarah Helen Whitman

Sunday, June 27, 2021 will mark the 143rd anniversary of Sarah Helen Whitman’s death, and we will be having our first annual graveside commemoration at the North Burial Ground to celebrate her life and legacy. There will be a biographical overview with information regarding her courtship with Edgar Allan Poe that took place right here in the city of Providence, there will be readings from selected poetry from the works of Mrs. Whitman, and finally, we’ll close with a wreath laying tribute on her grave. Questions will be welcomed at the end!

I don’t expect a massive turnout, but masks and social distancing will be required regardless. These rules aren’t just common sense for the current times, but also the official rules of the cemetery, so they must be followed.

The event will start at 12:00pm, but we will wait a few minutes for everyone to arrive if necessary. The program will run about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the question portion. The gates of the cemetery are closed and locked at 6:45pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore after the event. There is a lot of beauty to behold at the North Burial Ground!

To find the exact location of the event, i.e. Sarah Helen Whitman’s grave, just head to the right of the fork after entering the front gates of the cemetery and follow the road named Eastern Ave straight through until you see Dahlia Path (or people/cars). If you have any questions prior to the event, please feel free to reach out!

Follow this link to the official event page via Facebook:

Hope to see you there!

Ave Atque Vale!

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